If You Would Like to Discuss or Surface a Concern


You can always get emergency help.

Dial 100 if you are at MIT (the MIT campus emergency number).
MIT Police: 617.253.1212    police.mit.edu
MIT Medical: 617.253.4481  medweb.mit.edu
Or check out: http://web.mit.edu/emergency/ if you are wondering if something unusual is happening on campus.

Off the record:

If you are not sure where to go, or you want to discuss a matter confidentially or surface a concern without giving your name, please feel free to visit us or call us—the Ombuds Office—in Room 10-213, or at 617.253.5921. Ethics concerns are welcome—you can discuss your concern off the record. You also may call outside of normal working hours and leave an anonymous message on our voice mail.


You might want to consider the following list of resources, check their websites and see which resource best fits your concerns. If you have concerns about confidentiality and privacy, please raise these concerns during your initial contact:


MIT Ombudspersons: Nicholas Diehl, Judi Segall

MIT Ombuds Office, Room 10-213  
77 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02139-4307
Phone 617.253.5921, Fax 617.253.1931, Web: http://ombudsoffice.mit.edu

At Lincoln Lab you can call: Allison MacDonald (x181.2382) or Lori McGonagle (x181.4851).

Updated August 6, 2018

May be used with permission from the MIT Ombuds Office, MIT, Room 10-213, Cambridge, MA 02139.